Information about the company

Travelodge refers to several hotel chains around the world. Current operations include: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Asia. However, many of these are operated by independent companies who have no connection with the brand in other countries. As of December 31, 2018, it has 435 properties with 31,005 rooms.

Commercial approach

When it comes to digital strategy, Travelodge is historically a brand largely focused on meeting direct response objectives by driving hotel bookings”, explains Oscar Romero, Head of Performance at Spark Foundry. “While traditionally the business has frequently run TV activity to drive awareness, they've started to consider digital channels a lot more as part of their branding activity. So when we were presented with the SuperRooms brief, the campaign provided a great opportunity to prove that Travelodge can use digital channels in order to maximise awareness, whilst reaching relevant audiences to drive engagement with the creatives.”

Google Ads success story

Spark Foundry built the campaign around two YouTube formats, a skippable 30-second TrueView ad and bumper ads. Aiming to achieve both scale and efficiency, the activity ran for a month using a two-phased approach to first generate awareness with skippable ads and then drive consideration through remarketing with bumper ads.

In terms of targeting, the skippable campaigns used a combination of affinity, in-market audiences and topics. Initially, the target audience for the campaign was business consumers. However, early conversion results led the team to open up targeting to include leisure users.

Spark Foundry also used insights provided from Google Analytics audience lists for new targeting ideas.


- 48% view rate
- £0.01 cost per view
- 8.4% lift in ad recall
- 7.8% lift in consideration

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